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  • Pharmacokinetic studies: Metabolism and kinetics of drugs in target species
  • Bioavailability and bioequivalence studies
  • Dose confirmation studies: pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationship: pK/pD reports
  • MIC Studies: assessment of the risk of generating antimicrobial resistance
  • Tolerance studies in the target species (EMEA/CVMP/VICH/393388/2006)
  • Clinical efficacy studies: experimental and field studies
  • Follow-up studies of adverse reaction reports: Pharmacovigilance
  • Expert Report


Our services are aimed at the chemical-pharmaceutical business sector, i.e.

  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The veterinary industry
  • The cosmetic industry
  • The phytotherapy industry
  • The medical device industry
  • The food industry

Our values

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Independence
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Profitability

Our company

LOUFARM is an independent technical consultancy whose staff consists of recognized professionals with extensive experience in the field of health, especially in the field of animal health and veterinary medicines.

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